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Hi! My name is Gabriel and I’m currently a math student trying to learn about entrepreneurship and iOS app development.

I graduated from the University of Calgary in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering and a minor in petroleum engineering. Post graduation, I joined the oil and gas industry and accepted a role as a field engineer near the Arctic Circle (yup, it was cold!). After a few months of freezing my butt off, I returned to my hometown and secured a job as a production engineer with a natural gas company. Throughout my time in the industry, I had the chance to work on lots of different projects and met lots of cool people. However, I decided to leave the industry early 2016 to pursue my passion.

I returned to the University of Calgary once again to finally pursue that math degree I always talked about, and while I was at it, I tacked on a computer science minor. In early 2017, I started to learn iOS app development and published lots of simple apps. These days though I’m more focused on entrepreneurship than software development.

Stay tuned for future plans!

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